Daily Archives: November 22, 2016

Christopher Boone Avalere Health Care Gains


The human component is the plea to cover people that don’t have insurance, so they’ll have access to the best care money can purchase. Rather than plow ground which has been plowed by writers more talented focus is the way to supply health care to uninsured citizens. If this is a national priority, let us not destroy the healthcare system that stands between us, and the grim reaper in the procedure. As a former County Commissioner, Christopher Boone Avalere had the duty to manage and fund the county health department. This health care facility provided basic services to many who couldn’t afford access to private care.

County health departments exist through the country, working quietly to benefit society’s poorest citizens. Free or reduced price, health care is already being supplied depending on your ability to pay. The current talk is about limiting health accessibility for everyone and building a new bureaucracy. Why not raise the funding for County Health Departments around the country? After hours, the uninsured could simply be treated at hospital emergency rooms in exchange for this added charitable benefit, and only if hospitalization was needed. Hospitals would bill the county health department for any services supplied, at the negotiated group network that is lowest cost. Hospital emergency rooms would be required to tolerate anyone who walked in their door. Funding disbursed to each congressional district and should be allocated by people on numeric bases. The role of the Federal Government would end at this time. With this health reform strategy, Christopher Boone Avalere avert some the worst outcomes and accomplishes a couple of advantageous goals.

The prices are clearly stated in the federal budget, as a transport to congressional districts for health care. Health care for non citizens stops. Christopher Boone Avalere eliminates cost shifting onto insurance premiums. The health care benefit is limited to essential health care and county health departments. Government subsidies should be equal to the premiums they do not accumulate from citizens covered. In other words, only the premiums would be subsidized by the government. The public option government bureaucracy would have no legislation that tilted the playing field about them to compete. They’d have to negotiate fees with health care providers, just like everyone else. Providers could choose not to work with them, if they didn’t pay fairly. With a total wall to cash or laws, this charade would be over fast and we could return to a free market.